Auntie M's Treasures

God Sends His Messengers


My husband and I used to love to go camping, fishing, and seeing all the beautiful wilderness places God has created.  We had a ¾ ton Ford F350 Van with a couch that converted to a bed, port-a-potty, curtains that I had sewn to cover all the windows, and a flat bottomed riverboat with a jet drive conversion on the outboard, so we could “fly low” up all the wild rivers and secluded mountain lakes from California up to Washington State.  We would drive to a remote spot, put the boat in, and motor up some river until there was nobody around for miles,  come back and set up camp for the night sleeping in our van, and just enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. 
One time back in 1985 we took our rig up to Lake Shasta in California, and camped out with Paul’s sister and her husband.  We had a great weekend, said our goodbyes, and headed off in different directions.  Our relatives went back to their home a two hour drive away, and we decide to take a slow drive around the lake and enjoy the wilderness areas, with no rush to get home as we had a few more days off before we had to head back to the SF Bay Area and our jobs. 
While we were driving on remote roads, the van started to overheat, so we stopped for a while to cool it down.  My husband figured it was because we had been climbing some elevations while pulling the boat trailer, so we would be smart to stop for a while.  Well, that worked the first time, but the second time, it was not cooling down.  The temperature gauge was all the way in the red zone, and the engine was acting like it was stalling.  So we pulled over and stopped to look on the map to see if there was anywhere close by we could get off of this road and find some small town with a garage we could go to and see what needed fixing.  This was before the days of cell phones, and the internet, so having a map on hand was essential. There was nothing even close by.  We were at least 20 miles from the nearest crossroad, and the closest town was even further than that.  We were in the middle of nowhere, and we were on our own.
My Husband pulled up the hood and started tinkering with the engine, trying to find out what was the problem.  I went to go dig a hole, and relieve myself in the woods. while walking off into the woods I started praying to our Heavenly Father to help my Husband with finding a solution, and to help us get our rig home.  Just as I was coming back to the van from the woods, a nice looking clean cut young man drove up in a little Volkswagen bug, stopped and asked us if we needed any help.  “Well I hope he can help”, I thought. “Very nice of him to stop and ask.  Thank you Father God for sending us help”.  I smiled and was surprised to see an old VW bug from about 1970 in such good shape driven by such a young guy.

I went into the van to put stuff away while my Husband and the young man looked at the engine. He talked to the guy and explained how the engine had overheated,  what he had checked so far, and how we were stuck there as it wouldn’t start again.  Then my Husband yelled to me to hand the young man the buck knife we kept in the backpack.  The guy came into the van, and watched me get the knife.  I remember thinking “Dear Lord, what am I doing?  Does he really trust this guy? He’s a complete stranger.  This guy could stab me right here,  grab our money and God only knows what he would then do to my husband!”  All these thoughts were racing through my mind.
I said a quick prayer asking Jesus to give me wisdom to sense his spirit if it was for good or evil.  I deliberately looked into his eyes and couldn’t read anything.  It was like there was nothing there.  “Very strange”, I thought.  Usually I could sense somewhat of a person’s intentions by looking in their eyes. So I resigned myself to just trust in The Lord and my husband’s judgment that we would be OK, and handed him the knife.  He immediately opened the electronics box under the dashboard, cut one wire, and handed me back the knife with a smile.  He told me the van would start up and run just fine now.  I was able to start the engine up right away.  What a relief!  We both thanked him.  The young man got in his car, and looking back he waited for us to start moving again. Then he drove away ahead of us, driving in the same direction we were going. 
After about a mile, my husband suggested we stop for a minute and let the engine rest some more while he went in the back to get something for us to drink.   A few minutes later, along comes this nice young man again, driving from behind us and stops to see if everything is OK.  My husband said he just wanted to cool the engine down a little more for a minute.  It seemed strange to me that he was ahead of us when we took off again, and then pulled up from behind us when we stopped.  I started to get suspicious, rolling over in my mind what had happened, trying to figure out where he could have come from seeing as there were no cross streets, no driveways, just one road and woods everywhere.  Then I remembered the scripture about “entertaining Angels unaware”.  So I got out of the van and walked up to him in his car (where he was sitting waiting for us to get moving again) to thank the young man again, and I asked him if he wanted a soda or some snacks.  He said no thank you, smiled with the nicest set of teeth and twinkle in his eyes I ever saw, and then pulled his car out headed again in the same direction we were going down the road. 
Well, I got in the driver’s seat because it was my turn to drive.  I noticed that nice guy was just ahead of us in his little Volkswagen.  Every time he would disappear out of sight as we went into a turn in the road, and when we would round a corner to a straight-away, there he would be again.  This started to be a comforting familiar sight.  Then suddenly when I rounded the third time around another curve to another straight-away, he wasn’t there.
Now, this was a back woods country road with no cross streets, no driveways, no way, no how.  There just weren’t any.  I sped up just to see what happened to him, and got to a long straight road for a few miles.  He had disappeared.  I said to my husband, “you know, I think we had an Angel visit us”.  He agreed, and we thanked God for sending us a special mechanic who knew just what to do to help us get home safely.